The Cyberview story begins in October 1996, when we first took on our role as a landowner. After dedicating ourselves to this role for over ten years, we are proud to receive new mandate by the Malaysian Government to spearhead the development of Cyberjaya – one of Malaysia’s first cybercities. Thus began our journey to create a Global Tech Hub that empowers the technology community with a holistic ecosystem to enable creation, innovation and worldwide business expansion of the technology industry.

When Our Powers CombineThe stage was set – and Cyberjaya was to be our very own showcase fully equipped with resources, infrastructure, knowledge workers and many other services to mould Cyberjaya into the preferred investment hub for technology companies, and increase economic growth and high-value job provision for Malaysia.

We are ready to make this happen, beginning with initiatives that would nurture and develop the tech industry as well as strengthen the ecosystem to cater to our investors’ needs.

Two key pillars to support these initiatives are Smart City and Living Lab.

Smart City aims to improve urban living and lifestyle, promote greater sustainability for the city and encourage overall growth of economic activities through the mass adoption of intelligent technologies.

The Living Lab initiative is where we offer the city as an innovation platform in areas such as talent, start-ups, pilots and enterprises allowing new technologies to be tested and validated in Cyberjaya before launching into the real world.

We believe in a collaborative environment, leading to the best of solutions and practices. In doing so, the technology community and industry leaders are able to work on viable and pragmatic solutions for their business, while Cyberview stands as a reliable and capable enabler to this process.

As a collaborative Global Tech Hub enabler, we passionately service the community through 3 key services: Investor Relations Services, Industry Development Initiatives and Tech Hub Development and Management Services.

Quality Policy
Cyberview is a government-owned company responsible to spearhead the development of Cyberjaya by undertaking commercial and socio-economic activities.
Cyberview is committed in achieving customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services, delivered on time and on-cost.
We accomplish this through the use of optimal resources, efficient processes and continual improvement of our system.

Our Journey

From landowner to Tech Hub enabler, we have come a long way since 1996. We can’t wait to see where the road will lead us next. Join us on our journey to create the future.


Tech Hub Enabler


An Open Cyberview to transform Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub



"The Landowner of Cyberjaya” was removed from the identity

Cybercity Manager


Drive growth of Cyberjaya as a premier ICT Hub



Sell and lease land, construct buildings, support government certified ICT companies via Cyberjaya development




Develop basic infrastructure to enhance attractiveness in Cyberjaya


Our OPEN Concept

Being OPEN is our attitude and our way of being when it comes to business. To ensure that we deliver our promise of empowering an innovation hub, we eagerly welcome bold new ideas, we go the extra mile for our investors, and we embrace the challenge of managing and developing your tech hub. Through our OPEN essence, the possibility of our success together – becomes a certainty.

Our OPEN Concept
The HIPsters

Making Things Happen - The HIPsters

Your business is our business. As HIPsters, we have your best interests at heart here at Cyberview.

Made up of over 100 employees, with diverse skill set, backgrounds and interests, our HIPsters are passionate, inquisitive and open. We are always responsive, always alert, always on our feet, and always ready to work hand-in-hand with you in presenting the best solutions to your problems.

HIPsters value Honesty, Integrity and Passion above all else, and maintain a professional and capable attitudes that inspires confidence and innovation.

HIPsters- serving you above and beyond the call of duty.

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