Demo Day +

Cyberview is proud to bring you Demo Day +. An event gathering the hottest startups in the scene and accredited investors to build partnerships and shape the future!

Oct 02, 2017


CoInnov8, Cyberview Sdn Bhd

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CapsuleTalk Series

Want to know what makes Cyberjaya a true Capital of Creation? We would like you to take a peek behind the scene of the best tech companies in Malaysia, perhaps the world! Join our #CapsuleTalk series with the host, Aishah Jennifer Sinclair, on a drive-around as she uncovers the secrets of our very own Cyberjaya Heroes.


Cyberjaya Satisfaction Survey 2017

Let us know how you want us to better improve Cyberjaya by taking the Cyberjaya Satisfaction Survey today and stand a chance to win an iPod Shuffle!

Jun 15, 2017 - Aug 15, 2017


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Cyberview Accelerates Use of IoT in Cyberjaya; 1 ST LoRa-Powered Smart City in South East Asia

Cyberview and Atilze are pleased to announce Cyberjaya as the first smart city in Southeast Asia to utilise a city-wide LoRa network to connect various IoT sensors.

May 08, 2017


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Towards a Truly Smart City

SOMETHING is brewing at Cyberview’s collaborative workspace CoInnov8, a huge open space in the Cyberview building in Cyberjaya. Five young and aspiring Malaysian start-ups are working on financial technology (FinTech) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and applications that soon will help turn Cyberjaya into a complete smart city.

Mar 27, 2017


New Straits Times

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Do you aspire to invent the future? Here at Cyberview, we are supporters of people with ambition – realising their aspirations by developing infrastructure, programmes and work spaces that build a holistic ecosystem to cater to your every need, executing your ideas into reality.

In order to foster the growth and development of key technologies across the different industries, we continue to build key partnerships through Connecting Cyberjaya Programmes across all segments, from government agencies, to industry players as well as universities. Our close partnerships with a myriad of governmental organisations places us in a unique position to recommend policies and incentives that benefit your business.

If you need research and development facilities, Cyberview’s industry development initiatives team starts designing and envisioning along with you and industry experts, and perhaps grow the brick and mortar of a R&D facility you’ve always dreamed of.

Key activities on the development of the Global Tech Hub; the Cyberview Living Lab and Smart City projects; enable the application of technologies by industry to Cyberjaya, allows the testing of technologies in a city environment, transforms Cyberjaya into a city for piloting projects and allows citizens to participate in technology projects in the city.

Be a part of envisioning a better future in the Malaysian technology industry, and take a step towards contributing to creating policies in areas of financial investments, entrepreneurship, and much more. We are committed to collaboration and creation, providing you all the avenues necessary to guarantee growth and sustainability for your business and innovations.

The Right Tech Trends, The Right Time.

Here at Cyberview, we are advocates of key tech areas that will elevate Cyberjaya to become a Global Technology Hub. The foundation of the Global Tech Hub is 9 key technologies, 5 of which are ICT related, while the other 4 technologies are not directly ICT related, but are high growth technologies. 

We develop these technologies and apply them in 4 main industries : Retail, Financial Services, e-Government, and Education. If you’ve got the right expertise in these tech areas, then we want you to join us to innovate the future.

Smart Grid Technology
Wearable Technologies
Creative Content
Green Technology
Information Security
Big Data Analytics
Mobile Internet
Cloud Computing